Support team


Elizabeth PAuli

Before working at Studio Gear, Elizabeth worked at Moon Bags, a national high-end purse store on Farwell Avenue in Milwaukee, where she did some finish work on the bags as well as sales and shipping.

At Studio Gear, Elizabeth likes being around all the interesting people, working with the technicians, doing the ledgers, banking, and helping people. When not at work, Elizabeth spends time with her grandchildren and family.


Laura Wendt

At Studio Gear, Laura enjoys working with her fellow employees and helping the clients with their needs.  She also likes working with Lana and Bob, tackling the many files that cross their desk and keeping the office dog Coco happy.

When not working, Laura likes to relax with yoga, read a good book, and spend time with friends and family.  She devotes much of her time to animals, both her own dog and many others.  She likes to focus on animal wellness, training, and pet sitting.