Production team

Logan Allen

One of the things Logan enjoys about working at Studio Gear is the variety of work they do - everyday is different, and each opportunity presents a new set of challenges to conquer.  His team is a great group of guys that make working long hours rewarding and worth the effort.

Before becoming a technician at Studio Gear, Logan was a video promotion producer at Wisconsin Public Television and a director/producer at the Madison Mallards Baseball Club.

When not at work, Logan enjoys reading, writing, film, snowboarding, spending time with friends and family, and finding buried treasures.


Kimberlee Beggs

Before relocating to Milwaukee to join the Studio Gear Team, Kimberlee worked on a variety of performances and presentations with artists all around Rhode Island.  Previously, she studied General and Technical Theatre at Rhode Island College, focusing on lighting, audio, and stage management. Kim enjoys the fast pace variety that the event industry provides. 

In her spare time, Kim likes to cook, listen to podcasts, and adventure with her family and tiny Dachshund, Wall-E.


Sam Carneol

Sam is a graduate of Indiana University, where he created his own major in Theatrical Sound Design. While in school, he worked as a sound designer and audio engineer on a variety of university and professional productions. 

What Sam likes most about working at Studio Gear is being able to learn and use all different kinds of technology. Coming from an exclusively audio background, he enjoys learning all about lighting and video production as well.

When not at work, Sam enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking in nature, playing guitar, snowboarding, and perusing record stores to add to his vinyl collection.


Timothy Cooksy

Timothy is a lighting professional who attended UW Parkside and has over 10 years of professional experience. Timothy’s passion for quality and excellent customer service has made him an integral part of Studio Gear’s team for the past 5 years. Timothy is dedicated to keeping up with the latest in technology and is a certified technician for both High End Systems and Robe Lighting. Additionally, Timothy is one of only four ETCP Certified Riggers in Southeastern Wisconsin.

For Timothy, family is number one outside of work.  But when not at home with his beautiful, supportive wife, you can find him snowboarding in the winter, riding motorcycles in the summer or looking for fun activities to do with his daughter Claire.


Sean H resize.jpg

Sean Hayes
Project Manager

Every day at Studio Gear is another opportunity to use event technology to create immersive events for our clients. Sean loves having the ability to help our customers’ vision come to life. He enjoys seeing the reactions of clients and audience members when they see their message brought into the real world though audio, video and lighting. Being an integral part of that experience helps Sean to bring a passion to every project, large or small.

Before coming to Studio Gear, Sean worked in the campus events department at UW – Platteville running shows for student groups and touring acts alike.

When Sean is not managing projects with Studio Gear, he enjoys spending time getting outside and into nature. Camping, hiking and bonfires are always the highlights of his spring, summer and fall.



Brandon Logic

Before coming at Studio Gear in 2008, Brandon studied Audio Arts and Acoustics with a focus on live sound reinforcement at Columbia College Chicago.  While in school he also worked for a live sound company in Chicago.  Brandon enjoys the variety of jobs and equipment he gets to work with at Studio Gear. 

Outside of work Brandon enjoys the outdoors, camping, hiking, making electronic music, and playing drums. 



Michelle Manda

Originally from New York, Michelle studied  theatre design/tech  with a concentration in lighting at SUNY New Paltz, graduating in 2010.  After graduating, for the next 6 years she worked at various theatres on Long Island in many capacities as a stage manager, master electrician, lighting designer, carpenter, assistant technical director, and lighting supervisor.

What Michelle enjoys most about working at Studio Gear is the supportive nature of every technician she works with.

When not at work, Michelle spends time cuddling on the couch with her puppy and watching TV, and spending time with her boyfriend.  She also enjoys the occasional trivia night.




John is a 2006 graduate of UW-Whitewater with a degree in Theater and minor in Environmental Studies.  He worked as an assistant technical director at both The Prairie School and Shorewood High School before coming to Studio Gear.

One of the best parts of John’s job is how it differs from day to day and no two days have ever been the same.

For fun, John likes boating and traveling to New England to visit his family.


Brett Mehre

Before starting at Studio Gear, Brett spent 11 years in audio production/post-production with two local video production companies. Brett really enjoys the variety that he experiences every day working at Studio Gear.

When not working, Brett enjoys camping, swimming, biking and fishing.  He has a passion for music and enjoys listening to, playing, writing and producing music.  He also loves to spend time with his family, especially his grand-daughter.



Kelly Meyer

Before joining Studio Gear in 2008, Kelly worked in AV rentals and production for nine years.  He’s a career AV guy.

Kelly likes just about everything about his job.  Bob and Lana, the owners at Studio Gear, are different from any other employer he’s had because they listen to the techs, whether it’s for recommendations on new gear, workflow optimization, efficiency, or anything else.  They also invest a significant amount back into the company, always purchasing the newest and coolest gear.  And Kelly feels that his colleagues are hands down the most technically proficient group he’s ever worked with.

Fun outside the office for Kelly includes spending time with his wife and three kids, camping during the two-week period Wisconsin weather allows for it, watching Packers and Badgers football games, and downhill skiing.



MAthis Murphy

Mathis joined Studio Gear after graduating from the University of Wisconsin – Platteville with degrees in Supply Chain Management and Entrepreneurship. During his time at UW-Platteville he worked for the Event Services Department as a stagehand, lighting designer, event planner, and lead student manager.

As a member of the Studio Gear team, Mathis enjoys the fast-paced environment that presents new opportunities and creative challenges every day. No two days are the same, and each event is a chance to work with a talented and creative team to guarantee an outstanding client experience. 

When not working, Mathis enjoys spending time with family, backpacking, sailing, rock climbing, and working out.


Todd R SG resize.jpg

Todd Riggs

Before joining Studio Gear, Todd worked at Bemis Manufacturing Company in Sheboygan Falls, WI. He created training videos for every department in the company and worked in all aspects of video production, including scriptwriting, lighting, videography, editing, and graphic design. He also worked as a freelance writer for the Sheboygan Press newspaper for two years while working at Bemis.

The best parts of Todd’s job are the wide variety of things he gets to do and the types of events he works.  He has worked with the CEOs of large corporations, high-profile politicians, musicians, television and radio celebrities, doctors, restaurateurs, non-profit organizations, investment firms, and more. His job responsibilities vary for every event, so he’s not doing the same thing day after day, keeping it fresh and interesting.

When not at the office Todd feeds his passion for cooking - he’s always looking for new exciting food combinations after working many events with some of the most famous chefs in the world. He also has an extensive music collection, and spends a lot of free time editing, restoring, and mastering old music from vinyl and cassettes. He also dabbles in video editing at home.



Brendan Watts

Brendan grew up in Plano, Texas. He graduated from The University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music with a degree in Lighting Design and Technology in 2016. While in school, he worked on various large scale productions as a master electrician and programmer. Upon graduation, he moved to Milwaukee to work for Studio Gear.

What Brendan likes most about working at Studio Gear is that every day is a different day, and that no event is the same. One night it could be a show for a music act, and the next a corporate event with celebrities in attendance. The variety of events Studio Gear is involved in and the team members are what make it all enjoyable to him. 

When out of the office, Brendan enjoys cooking, working on his Jeep, and being by the water. He is fairly new to the Milwaukee area and is enjoying the bar scene greatly.