Rental Catalog

UPDATED 7/5/2018

DLP Projectors

Barco HDX-W20 (1920x1200, 20,000 lumens, call for lenses)

Christie Roadster HD10K-M (1920x1080, 10,000 lumens, call for lenses)

Panasonic PT-DZ21K (1920x1200, 20,000 lumens, call for lenses)

Panasonic PT-RZ12K (1920x1200, 12,000 lumens, call for lenses)

Panasonic PT-RZ770 1-chip DLP (1920x1200, 7000 lumens, call for lenses)

Panasonic PT-RZ570 1-chip DLP (1920x1200, 5400 lumens, 1.46-2.94 lens)

DLP Projection Lenses

Barco TLD+ 0.67 HD / 0.73 SD Lens

Barco TLD Ultra 1.16-1.49 HD / 1.25-1.6 SD Lens

Barco TLD-HB 1.39-1.87 HD / 1.5-2.0 SD Lens

Barco TLD+ 1.87-2.56 HD / 2.0-2.8 SD Lens

Barco TLD+ 2.56-4.17 HD / 2.8-4.5 SD Lens

Barco TLD+ 4.17-6.95 HD / 4.5-7.5 SD Lens

Christie ILS 1.4-1.8 HD / 1.5-2.0 S+ Lens

Panasonic 3-chip ET-D75LE50 0.7 HD / 0.8 SD Fixed Lens

Panasonic 3-chip ET-D75LE10 1.3-1.7 HD / 1.4-1.8 SD Lens

Panasonic 3-chip ET-D75LE20 1.7-2.4 HD / 1.8-2.5 SD Lens

Panasonic 3-chip ET-D75LE40 4.6-7.4 HD Lens / 5.0-8.0 SD Lens

Panasonic 1-chip ET-DLE030 0.35 HD Lens

Panasonic 1-chip ET-DLE085 0.8 HD Lens

Panasonic 1-chip ET-DLE150 1.3-1.8 HD Lens

Panasonic 1-chip ET-DLE Standard 1.7-2.4 HD Lens

Panasonic 1-chip ET-DLE350 3.7-5.7 HD Lens

LCD Projectors

Christie LHD-700 (1920x1080, 7000 lumens, call for lenses)

Christie LX-700 (1024x768, 7000 lumens, no HDMI, call for lenses)

Hitachi CP-WX4021N (1280x800, 4000 lumens, 1.5-2.5 lens)

Panasonic PT-VX400U (1024x768, 4000 lumens, 1.2-1.9 lens)

Panasonic PT-VZ570U (1920x1200, 4800 lumens, 1.1-1.8 lens)

Panasonic PT-VZ580 (1920x1200, 5000 lumens, 1.1-1.8 lens)

Sanyo PLC-XP200 (1024x768, 7000 lumens, no HDMI, call for lenses) 

Sanyo PLC-WXU30 (1280x800, 3700 lumens, no HDMI, 1.1-1.8 lens)

Sanyo PLC-XU48 (1024x768, 3000 lumens, no HDMI, 1.6-2.0 lens) 

Sanyo PLC-XU88 (1024x768, 3000 lumens, no HDMI, 1.4-2.2 lens) 

Sanyo PLC-XU56 (1024x768, 2500 lumens, no HDMI, 1.7-2.5 lens) 

Sanyo PLC-XU86 (1024x768, 2500 lumens, no HDMI, 1.3-1.9 lens) 

LCD Projector Lenses

0.8 for Christie LHD Projectors

1.3-1.8 for Christie LHD Projectors

2.3-4.2 for Christie LHD Projectors

4.3-6.0 for Christie LHD Projectors

0.8 Fixed for Sanyo XP Projectors LNS-W32 

1.25-1.8 for Sanyo XP Projectors LNS-W31A 

1.8-2.4 for Sanyo XP50 Projectors LNS-S30 

1.8-2.4 for Sanyo XP55/56 Projectors LNS-S31 

2.3-4.2 for Sanyo XP Projectors LNS-T31A 

4.2-6.0 for Sanyo XP Projectors LNS-T32 

Projection Support

Chief Brackets for Projectors (call for info) 

Various Pipe Lengths and Adaptors (call for info)

Chief Truss Projector Hanger (18") 

Wilson 34"/ 42"/ 48" Tuffy Cart 

Portable Projection Screens

4', 6', 8' Tripod Screens 

4', 6' Road Warrior 

4:3 Format Projection Screens

5' x 7' Stumpfl Front or Rear Projection Screen 

5' X 7' Stumpfl Drape Kit 

6' x 8' Stumpfl Front or Rear Projection Screen 

6' X 8' Stumpfl Drape Kit 

7.5' x 10' Stumpfl Front or Rear Projection Screen 

7.5' X 10' Stumpfl Drape Kit (4' or 6' skirt available)

9' x 12' Stumpfl Front or Rear Projection Screen 

9' x 12' Stumpfl Drape Kit (4' or 6' skirt available)

10.5' x 14' Stumpfl Front or Rear Projection Screen 

10.5' x 14' Stumpfl Drape Kit 

12' x 16' Stumpfl Front or Rear Projection Screen 

12' x 16' Stumpfl Drape Kit 

15' x 20' Stumpfl Front or Rear Projection Screen 

15' x 20' Stumpfl Drape Kit 

16:9 Format Projection Screens

4'11" x 8'9" Stumpfl Front or Rear Projection Screen

4'11" x 8'9" Stumpfl Drape Kit

6' x 10'8" Stumpfl Front or Rear Projection Screen

6' x 10'8" Stumpfl Drape Kit

6'9" x 12' Stumpfl Front or Rear Projection Screen

6'9" x 12' Stumpfl Drape Kit

7'11" x 14' Stumpfl Front or Rear Projection Screen 

7'11" x 14' Stumpfl Drape Kit 

9' x 16' Stumpfl Front or Rear Projection Screen 

9' x 16' Stumpfl Drape Kit 

11'3" x 20' Stumpfl Front or Rear Projection Screen

11'3" x 20' Stumpfl Drape Kit 

13.5' x 24' Stumpfl Front or Rear Projection Screen

Projection Screen Accessories

Stumpfl System 32 Screen Hanger Set (includes 2 hanging brackets)

Stumpfl System 64 Screen Hanger Set (includes 2 hanging brackets)

Stumpfl System 32 10' and 12' Wide Adjustable Skirt (6'h max)

SD Camcorders

Canon XL-1S MiniDV Camcorder 

Canon XL-2 MiniDV Camcorder 

JVC GY-DV500U MiniDV Camcorder 

Sony DCR-DVD408 Mini-DVD Camcorder 

Sony DSR-570WS DVCAM Camcorder 

HD Camcorders

Canon VIXIA HF-M500 HD Camcorder

GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition Action Camera

Sony HDR-CX130 AVC-HD Camcorder

Sony HVRZ1U HDV Camcorder 

Sony PMW-EX3 XDCAM EX HD Camcorder (incl. 1-32GB card)

Sony PXW-X320 XDCAM EX HD Camcorder (incl. 1-32GB card)

Sony SxS 32GB Card

Sony SxS 16GB Card

Sony SxS 8GB Card

PTZ Cameras

Sony BRC-Z700 PTZ Camera

Sony RM-IP10 PTZ Controller

Special Application Cameras

Elmo EV-368 Visual Presenter 

Elmo VF-400 Visual Presenter 

Panasonic WV-CP412 Surveillance Camera 

Samsung SDP950ST Visual Presenter 

Samsung SDP960 Visual Presentor

Sony CVX-V3 Camera w/DSR-V10 MiniDV Recorder 

Sony SSC-DC374 Surveillance Camera 

Wolfvision VZ-8 Portable Visualizer 

Lenses & Stabilizing Equipment

Canon 3x XL 3.4-10.2mm. Wide Angle Zoom Lens (for XL1S Camera) 

Fujinon ACM-18 1/2"EX to 1/2" Bayonet Adaptor

Fujinon XA20Sx8.5 BERM Lens (includes controls and 1/2" EX adaptor)


ATA Tripod Shipping Case 

Bogen VHS Camcorder Tripod 

Cartoni Delta Tripod 

CSI Dolly Wheels 

CSI System 35 

CSI System 35L 

Mitchell Heavy Duty Tripod 

O'Connor 10-30 

O'Connor 2575 Heavy Duty Tripod and Dolly Wheels 

O'Connor 30 

O'Connor Dolly Wheels 

Sachtler "Baby" Tripod 

Sachtler 20 System 

Sachtler DV-2 

Sachtler DV-4 

Sachtler Video 18S System 

Vinten ProTouch 6 

Vinten Vision 8AS

Vinten Vision 100 

Vinten Vision 20 

Vinten Vision 250 

Vinten Vision 5 

Vinten Vision Dolly Wheels 

Specialized Camera Support

Eurojib Jib Arm System 

Lastolite 6'x7' B/G Reversible Chroma Key Background 

Play Holoset Ring w/Controller 

Spider Pod 

Spider Pod Expansion Web 

Camera Controls

Canon ZR-1000 Zoom/Focus Remote for XL1/XL2 

Libec ZC-9EX Zoom Remote for EX3

Studio Conversion Kit for PXW-X320

Camera Carrying Cases

Portabrace Soft Case for Broadcast Camera (various sizes) 

HDD and Solid-State Video Decks

Aja Ki-Pro SD/HD HDD Video Recorder

DataVideo DN-400 SD/HD HDD Video Recorder 

Playback Pro Computer (MacBook Pro 15" w/software)

Sound Devices PIX250 SD/HD SSD Video Recorder

Sound Devices PIX260 SD/HD SSD Video Recorder

Digital Tape Decks (DVCPro, DVCam, MiniDV)

Sony DSR-1500A DVCam Recorder/Player 

Sony DSR-2000 Multi-format DV Deck 

Sony DSR-50 Portable DVCam Recorder 

Sony DSR-V10 DVCAM Recorder 

Sony HVR-M25U HDV Recorder 

DVD and BluRay Decks

DataVideo MP-6000 DVD Recorder 

Denon DN-V200 DVD Player 

Denon DN-V210 DVD Player w/HDMI Output (Standard Definition) 

Pioneer DV7400 DVD Player 

Sony BDP-S350 Blu-Ray DVD Player 

Sony RDR-GX355 DVD Recorder 

Tascam DV-D01U DVD Player 

Hi-Res Seamless Switchers

Analog Way EKS-500 Seamless Switcher

Analog Way OFX-802 Seamless Switcher 

Analog Way OPS-300 Seamless Switcher

Analog Way PLS-350-3G Seamless Switcher

Analog Way PLS-300 Seamless Switcher

Barco PDS-902-3G Seamless Switcher

Folsom Research ScreenPro PLUS (2-screen) 

Folsom Research ScreenPro PLUS (3-screen) 

FSR Eagle 100HD Seamless Switcher 

FSR Eagle 200HD Seamless Switcher 

FSR Eagle 200HD Enhanced Output Option 

FSR Eagle Controller w/Tally 

FSR Omni Helm Controller 

FSR Omni Navigator 8 Input Seamless Switcher 

Vista Systems Spyder X20-1608 Video Processor

Computer Switchers

Extron MVX-84 VGA Matrix Switcher 

Extron MVX-88 VGA Matrix Switcher

Extron SW-2 RGBHV Switcher 

Extron SW-2 VGA Switcher 

Extron SW-4 VGA Switcher 

Extron SW-6 VGA Switcher 

Kramer VP-8X8 VGA Matrix Switcher

Kramer VS-41H 4x1 HDMI Switcher

Video Switchers

AJA KUMO 1616 SDI Matrix Switcher

Blackmagic 2ME 4K Production Switcher

Blackmagic TV Studio Production Switcher

DataVideo SE-500 SD Video Switcher 

Panasonic AV-HS400A Production Switcher (expansion cards available):

AV-HS04M1 Dual SDI Input Card
AV-HS04M2 Dual YUV Component Input Card
AV-HS04M3 Dual DVI-I Input Card
AV-HS04M5 DVI-I plus YUV Component Output Card

Panasonic AW-HS50N Production Switcher

Roland V-1SDI Video Switcher

Roland VR-50HD Video Switcher

Video Distribution Amplifiers

AJA 3GDA 1x6 HD-SDI Distribution Amplifier

DataVideo VP-597 HD-SDI Distribution Amplifier

Extron MDA-4V HD-SDI Distribution Amplifier 

Kramer 104R RF Distribution Amplifier 

RS 1x4 RCA Distribution Amplifier (Component Video w/Audio) 

Sigma DVA-2104 SDI Distribution Amplifier 

Sigma SDA-1082 S-Video Y/C Distribution Amplifier 

Sigma VDA Video Distribution Amplifiers (various)

Analog Computer Distribution Amplifiers

Extron ADA-2 300HV 2x1 RGBHV Distribution Amplifier 

Extron ADA-2/GLI 350HV 2x1 RGBHV Distribution Amplifier 

Extron ADA-4 4x1 RGBHV Distribution Amplifier 

Extron ADA-6 6x1 RGBHV Distribution Amplifier 

Extron DA2 RGBHV Wideband 1x2 Distribution Amplifier

Extron GLI-250 RGBHV Ground Loop Isolator 

Extron P/2 DA2-PLUS VGA Distribution Amplifier 

Extron P/2 DA4-PLUS VGA Distribution Amplifier 

Extron P/2 DA6-PLUS VGA Distribution Amplifier 

Inline IN3252HR 1x2 RGBHV Equalizing Distribution Amplifier 

Kramer VP-8 8x1 VGA Distribution Amplifier 

Digital Computer Distribution Amplifiers

Extron D/2 DA4 1x4 DVI Distribution Amplifier 

Gefen DVI-144N DVI Distribution Amplifier

Kramer VM-4HDCP 1x4 DVI Distribution Amplifier

Kramer VM-2HXL 1x2 HDMI Distribution Amplifier

Kramer VM-4HXL 1x4 HDMI Distribution Amplifier

Scan Converters/Scalers

Aja HA-5 HDMI to HDSDI Converter

Aja HI-5 HDSDI to HDMI Converter

AverMedia iMicro Scan Converter 

Blackmagic DVI to HDSDI Converter

DataVideo DAC-70 Cross-Converter

DataVideo DAC-8 HDSDI to HDMI Converter

Extron DVS-100/DVS-150 Video Scaler 

Extron USP-405 Universal Signal Processor 

Extron USP-405 Universal Signal Processor w/SDI 

Extron USP-507 HD Universal Signal Processor

Extron VSC-100 Scan Converter 

Folsom ImagePro HD Universal Signal Processor

Gefen DVI to HDSDI Plus Scaler

Kramer VP-425 VGA to HDMI Converter

Ocean Matrix OMX-COMPVGA-HDMI Video/VGA to HDMI Converter

Scan Do Ultra Scan Converter 

Sony DSC-1024HD Digital Scan Converter 

Video Terminal Equipment

ADC Humbucker 

Decimator DMON-16SL 16-input SDI Multiviewer

Extron EDID-101D DVI EDID Manager

Extron GLI-2000 RGBHV Humbucker 

Fast Forward F30 SMPTE/EBU Time Code Generator/Reader 

Grass Valley SCB-200N Sync Generator 

Horita TG-50 Time Code Generator/ Inserter 

Matthey NV360 10-330ns Video Delay

Pico RF Modulator 

Prime Image PL-10 Video Delay 

Portable Color Monitors

Citizen LCD 938 Monitor 

Sony LMD 9050 LCD Monitor 


DTV Tuner Kit (SD or HD units available)

LCD Monitors (27" and above)

Samsung 320P 30" LCD Monitor 

Samsung 400FP-2 40" HD LCD Monitor

Samsung DC48E 48" HD LED/LCD Monitor

Samsung ED75E 75" HD LED/LCD Monitor

Samsung UN32D5500 32" HD LED/LCD Monitor

Samsung UN32J5500 32" HD LED/LCD Monitor (no VGA input)

Samsung UN46D6300 46" HD LED/LCD Monitor

Samsung UN60C6300 60" HD LED/LCD Monitor

Sharp LC-46SV50U 46" HD LED/LCD Monitor

Sharp LC-48LE551U 48" HD LED/LCD Monitor (no VGA input)

Sharp LC-60LE 60" HD LED/LCD Monitor

Sharp LC-60EQ10U 60" HD LED/LCD Monitor

Sharp LC-70LE 70" HD LED/LCD Monitor

Toshiba 32C100U 32" LCD Monitor

LCD Monitors (up to 27")

Asus VS228HP 22" HD LCD Monitor

Boland XD104 10" LCD Panel 

DataVideo TLM-700 7" LCD Monitor

DataVideo TLM-700HD 7" HD LCD Monitor

DataVideo TLM-702 Dual 7" LCD Monitor

DataVideo TLM-702HD Dual 7" HD LCD Monitor

Delvcam SDI-7 7" HD LCD Monitor

LG 17515 17" LCD Monitor 

Marshall V-LCD70MD-3G 7" HD LCD Monitor

Marshall V-R185-DLW 18" HD LCD Monitor

NEC ASLCD9V 19" LCD Monitor 

Sony LMD-1750WHD 17" Multi-Format HD LCD Monitor

Viewsonic 22" HD LCD Monitor

Westinghouse L2220HW 22" HD LCD Monitor 

Plasma Screens

Pioneer 60" Plasma Display 

Plasma/LCD Screen Support

Chief PFC-2000B Floor Stand

Chief PFS-2172 Floor Stand 

Chief PLP-2081 Wall Mount 

Chief Universal Plasma/LCD Bracket

Cobra Plasma Floor Stand 

Light Source Universal Plasma Truss Mount

Plasma Cue Stand 

LED Video Wall Equipment

Dicolor BAT391 Indoor 3.9mm LED Wall Panel

Dicolor BAT 3-wide Rigging Bumper

Dicolor BAT 2-wide Rigging Bumper

Dicolor BAT 1-wide Rigging Bumper

Dicolor U6 Indoor 6mm LED Wall Panel

Dicolor U6 3-wide Rigging Bumper

Dicolor U6 2-wide Rigging Bumper

Dicolor U6 1-wide Rigging Bumper

RGB Link VSP-5162 Image Processor for U6 (Universal Inputs)

RGB Link RGB-Driver for U6 or BAT (DVI-D Input only)

Video and Computer Signal Extenders

AJA FiDO SDI to Fiber Extender Kit

Extron TPT-15HD A/V-to-Cat5 Extender Kit 

FSR Twister Pro VGA to Cat5 Extender Kit 

FSR Twister VGA to Cat5 Extender Kit 

Gefen 2XVGA VGA to Cat5 Extender Kit

Gefen EXT-DVI-ELR DVI to Cat5 Extender Kit


Q-TV FDP-12 On-camera Prompter Monitor (includes DV camera riser)

Telescript FPS-121 On camera Prompter Monitor 

Telescript PRS-150 Executive Prompter System 

Telescript Dongle/Controller Kit (no computer included)

Digital Audio Mixers and Snakes

Allen Heath GLD-80 Digital Mixer (requires snake add-on; Dante optional)

Allen Heath AR2412 24x12 Digital Snake Stage Box

Allen Heath AB168 16x8 Digital Snake Box

Allen Heath AR84 8x4 Digital Snake Box

Allen Heath Qu-16 Digital Mixer

QSC TouchMix 8 Digital Mixer

RSS M-300 32-ch Digital Mixer (requires digital snake add-on)

RSS M-200i 32-ch Digital Mixer (includes iPad)

RSS 32x8 Digital Snake System (analog FOH and Stage I/O)

RSS 32x8 Digital Snake Stage Box (add-on to RSS Digital Mixer)

RSS 16x8 Digital Snake Stage Box (add-on to RSS Digital Mixer)

Shure SCM-820 8-ch Automixer w/Dante Interface

Yamaha M7CL 48-ch Digital Mixer

Yamaha LS9 16-ch Digital Mixer

Yamaha QL5 64-ch Digital Mixer

Yamaha QL1 32-ch Digital Mixer

Yamaha 330' 32x16 SB-168 Digital Snake 

Yamaha 250' 16x8 SB-168 Digital Snake 

Yamaha RIO-1608 Digital Snake

Yamaha RIO-3224 Digital Snake

Yamaha RIO Stage Rack (Rio1608 / 2- ULXD Quads / 2-IT9000HD / Switches)

Yamaha TIO-1608 Digital Snake

Analog Audio Mixers

Allen Heath GL2400 16-ch Mixer 

Allen Heath WZ 14:4 Mixer (10 Mic, 2 Stereo)

Allen Heath ZED60-10FX 8-ch Mixer (4 Mic, 2 Stereo)

Allen Heath ZED60-14FX 12-ch Mixer (8 Mic, 2 Stereo)

Allen Heath ZED-10FX 10-ch Mixer (4 Mic, 3 Stereo)

Allen Heath ZED-14 14-ch Mixer (6 Mic, 4 Stereo)

Lectrosonics AM8TC Automatic Mixer 

Mackie 1402-VLZ 10-ch Mixer (6 Mic, 4 Stereo) 

Mackie 1604-VLZ 16-ch Mixer 

Mackie 8-Bus 16-ch Mixer 

Mackie 8-Bus 24-ch Mixer 

Mackie MS-1202 12-ch Mixer (4 Mic, 4 Stereo) 

Peavey AAM-1602 16-ch Mixer 

Peavey AAM-802 8-ch Mixer 

Shure SCM-268 4-ch Mixer 

Soundcraft Spirit FX16 16-ch Mixer 

Soundcraft Spirit M8 8-ch Mixer 

Powered Audio Mixers

Allen Heath PA12-CP 10-ch Powered Mixer 

Dynacord Powermate 600 8-ch Powered Mixer 

Portable Audio Mixers

PSC Alpha 4-ch Mixer 

Shure FP33 Portable Mixer 

Shure FP410 Intellimixer 4-Channel Automatic Mixer 

Shure FP42 Portable Mixer 

Shure M267 4-ch Mixer 

Shure M367 6-ch Mixer 

Sound Devices 442 4-ch Portable Mixer 

Wireless Microphones

Sennheiser e100 ENG Portable Combo Wireless System

Sennheiser e300 Quad Combo Wireless System

Sennheiser EM 1031U UHF Quad Combo Wireless System 

Shure QLX-D Combo Wireless System

Shure UHF-R 8-pack Combo Wireless System 

Shure UHF-R Dual Combo Wireless System 

Shure UHF-R Quad Combo Wireless System 

Shure ULX-D 8-pack Combo Digital Wireless System

Shure ULX-D Quad Combo Digital Wireless System (UHF and VHF available)

Shure ULX-P Combo Wireless System 

Shure ULX-P Mic-Mixer Combo Rack (2-ULX Combo, Mixer, I/O Panel)

Wireless Microphone Accessories

Anton Bauer RF Receiver Mounting Bracket 

PSC FPSC0006A Antenna Distro 

Shure Beltpack Pouch (Black or White)

Shure UA845 Antenna Distribution System (includes 2 UA870 Antennae)

Shure UA870 Active Paddle Antenna Set (2)

Dynamic Microphones

Audio Technica AT-M27 HE 

Sennheiser e604

Sennheiser e835 

Shure Beta 52

Shure Beta 58 

Shure SM57 

Shure SM58 

Shure SM58S w/Switch 

Shure SM63 

Shure Super 55 "Elvis" Microphone

Condenser Microphones

Audio Technica AT-853RX Hanging Microphone 

Audio Technica AT-857 Podium Microphone (12" or 19") 

Audio Technica ES 935/ML 

Countryman Isomax 4RF 12" Gooseneck Microphone)

Shure Beta 87C 

Shure MX412 Podium Mic (12" or 18") 

Shure MX412D/S Push To Talk Podium Mic (12" only)

Shure SM81 

Shure VP88 Stereo Microphone 

Stewart PM2 Two Microphone Phantom Power Supply 

Stewart PM4 Four Microphone Phantom Power Supply 

Shotgun Microphones & Accessories

PSC or LTM Fishpole 

Sennheiser MKH-416 Kit 

Sennheiser MZH-60 Windsock 

Zeppelin Wind Screen W/Shock Mount 

Lapel Microphones

Countryman B3 Omni-Directional Mic (for Sennheiser Evo; beige or black)

Countryman B3 Omni-Directional Mic (for Shure transmitters; beige or black)

Countryman Iso-Max Lapel Microphone 

PSC Milimic Omni-Directional Lapel Microphone

Sennheiser ME-104 Cardioid Mic (Shure/Senn Evo/Lectro transmitters) 

Sennheiser ME-2 Omni-Directional Mic (for Sennheiser Evo transmitters)

Sennheiser ME-4 Cardioid Mic (for Sennheiser Evo transmitters)

Sennheiser MKE-2 Condenser Omni-directional 

Shure WL185 Uni-Directional Microphone (for Shure transmitters) 

Shure WL50 Omni-Directional Microphone (for Shure transmitters) 

Shure WL51 Uni-Directional Microphone (for Shure transmitters) 

Sony ECM 88B Omni-directional Microphone 

Sony ECM-55B Omni-directional Microphone 

Sony ECM-66B Uni-directional Microphone 

Sony ECM-77B Omni-directional Microphone 

Headset Microphones

AnsrAudio AM-14 Headset Microphone (Black or Tan) 

Countryman E6 Tan Headset Microphone (for Shure systems)

Pressure Zone Microphones

Audio Technica ES961 

Crown PCC-160 

Shure SM90A 

Speakers (Un-Powered)

Community R.5 Outdoor Speaker 

EAW JFX-100 Speaker 

EAW JFX-590 Speaker 

EAW JFX-88 Speaker 

JBL VRX-928 Speaker 

JBL VRX-932 Speaker 

Macpherson M12CP Speaker 

Nexo PS10-R2 Speaker

Peavey Quadra 12 Speaker 

Peavey Stadia II Outdoor Speaker 

Speakers (Powered)

Anchor AN-1000X Powered Monitor 

DB Technologies M160 Powered Monitor 

Fostex 6301NX Powered Monitor (2-pack)

Harman Kardon HK395 Powered Computer Speakers 

JBL EON610 Powered Speaker

Mackie SRM-450v2 Powered Speaker 

Mipro MA-101 Powered Speaker w/ WL Handheld Microphone 

QSC K8 Powered Loudspeaker 

QSC K10 Powered Loudspeaker

TOA ER-1215S Megaphone/Bull Horn 

TOA ER-322W Megaphone/Bull Horn 


DB Technologies 4115 Powered Subwoofer 

JBL VerTec VT4880A Subwoofer

JBL VerTec VT4883 Subwoofer

JBL VRX915S Subwoofer 

JBL VRX-918S Subwoofer 

Mackie SRS-1500 Powered Subwoofer

Peavey Sub Compact 15" Subwoofer 

QSC KW181 Powered Subwoofer

Line Arrays and Public Address Systems

Community Outdoor P. A. System (4-peaker system) 

JBL VRX-932 Constant Curvature System (up to 3 mains and 2 subs per side)

JBL VRX-928 Constant Curvature System (up to 3 mains and 1 sub per side)

JBL VT 4886 Line Array System (up to 12 mains and 3 subs per side)

JBL VTX-V20 LIne Array System (up to 9 per side)

Macpherson Monolith System (up to 3 mains and 1 sub per side)

Speaker and Microphone Stands and Accessories

Anchor SS-750 Speaker Stand and Bracket 

JBL SS5-BK Crank-Up Threaded Sub Extension Pole

JBL VRX928 Rigging Frame 

JBL VRX932 Rigging Frame 

K & M Crank-Up Speaker Stand 

Microphone Stand Kit (10 floor stand, 10 tripod, 2 short tripod, 12 boom)

Microphone Desk Stand 

Microphone Floor Stand 

Microphone Stand Boom 

Rain Cover for VRX932 Single Cabinet

Ultimate TS-80/90 Speaker Stand 

Ultimate TS-88BL Speaker Stand with Adjustable Leg 


Crown I-Tech 4X3500HD 3-Amp Rack

Crown I-Tech 12000HD 3-Amp Rack

Crown I-Tech 9000HD 2-Amp Rack

Crown XTI4002 2-Amp Rack

JBL VRX Amp Rack (DBX DR4800 w/3-QSC PLX3602) 

Lab Gruppen Amp Rack (DBX DR260, 5-fp2600)

Lab Gruppen fp6400 Amplifier

Lab Gruppen fp6400 2-amp Rack (includes DBX DR260)

Nexo PS10 Amp Rack (for tops only; PS10 DSP w/QSC PLX-3602)

QSC PLD 4.5 4-ch Amplifier

QSC PLX-1602 Amplifier 

QSC PLX-1802 Amplifier 

QSC PLX-1804 Amplifier 

QSC PLX-2402 Amplifier 

QSC PLX-2502 Amplifier 

QSC PLX-3602 Amplifier

Audio Recorders & Players

Boss Dr. Sampler 

Denon DCM-280 5-Disc CD Player 

Denon DCM-290 5-Disc CD/MP3 Player 

Marantz PMD325 CD/MP3 Player 

Sony 5-Disc CD Player 

Tascam CC-222 CD/Cassette Recorder

Tascam CD-160mkII CD/MP3 Player 

Tascam CD-450 CD Player 

Technics SLPD9 5-Disc CD Player 

Portable Recorders and Players

Denecke TS-3 Time Code Slate (SMPTE/EBU) 

Marantz CDR-300 CD Recorder/Player 

Marantz CDR-420 CD/Hard Disk Recorder 

Marantz PMD-430 Portable Cassette Recorder 

Noriyuki Scriptboy 

Sound Devices 744T 4-track Hard Disk and Compact-Flash Recorder 

Zoom H4n Portable MP3/WAV Recorder

Headphones and Accessories

Shure FP22 Headphone Amplifier 

Sony MDR-7506 Headphones 

Sony MDR-7502 Headphones

Audio Processing

Alesis QuadraVerb Effects Processor 

ART HQ-231 Graphic Equalizer 

Audio Control SA-3050A Real Time Spectrum Analyzer 

Boss VT-1 Voice Transformer 

dbx 166 Dual Channel Compressor/Limiter/Gate 

dbx iEQ-31 Graphic Equalizer

Digitech RDS-1900 Digital Delay Processor 

Front of House Rack #2 (DBX DR260, Sabine GRQ-3122)

Peavey Q231FX Dual 31-Band Equalizer 

Presonus CL44 4-ch Compressor/Limiter 

ProCo AV-1 Interface

Radial JDI Direct Box 

Radial JPC Active Computer Direct Box 

Radial ProAV-1 Passive Mono Computer Direct Box 

Radial ProAV-2 Passive Stereo Computer Direct Box 

Rane AD22 Audio Delay Processor 

Rane ME-60 Dual 31-Band Equalizer 

Rapco DB-100 Direct Box 

Rapco Pad Box 

Rapco SC-100 Signal Combiner 

Rapco SC-100i Isolated Transformer 

Rapco SS-100 Isolated Signal Splitter 

Rapco TDI-100 CD/Tape Interface 

Rapco XLR In-Line Isolated Transformer 

Sabine FBX-900/901 Feedback Exterminator 

Sabine GRQ-3102 and 3122 Graphic Equalizer 

Shure DFR11 Digital Signal Processor 

Shure DFR22 Digital Signal Processor 

Shure FP22 Headphone Bridging Amplifier 

Sony DPS-D7 Digital Delay Processor 

Whirlwind PCDI Mono/Stereo Computer Direct Box

Audio DA's and Press Boxes

Drawmer DA6 Rack w/Fostex RM3 Rack Speaker

Opamp VA-32 Audio/Video Press Box 

Opamp A-24 Press Box 

PSC Press Bridge Portable Press Box 

Shure FP16A Audio Distribution Amplifier 

Audio Snakes

300' 30 x 10 Audio Snake 

200' 20 x 8 Audio Snake 

200' 24 x 8 Audio Snake 

150' 8 x 4 Audio Snake 

120' 16 x 4 Audio Snake 

100' 12 x 4 Audio Snake 

75' 16 x 4 Audio Snake 

50' 8 x 4 Audio Snake 

25' 8 x 4 Audio Snake

Audio/Video Snakes

Rapco 100M 2 Pair 

Rapco 50M 6 Pair 

Data Snakes

250' 4ch CAT5 Snake (Fan-Fan and Box-Box available)

250' 4ch-RG6 3ch-CAT6

500' 4ch Fiber ST Snake

Wired Intercom Systems

ClearCom CC-300 Single Muff Headset

ClearCom HMS-4X HelixNet Intercom Base Station

ClearCom HXII-BP HelixNet 2-ch Beltpack

RTS BP318 Single Channel Beltpack 

RTS BP325 Dual Channel Beltpack 

RTS MCE-325K Base Station 

RTS MRT-327 Base Station 

RTS PH-10 Dual Muff Headset 

RTS PH-5 Lightweight Single Headset 

RTS PH-8 Lightweight Dual headset 

RTS PS15 Power Supply 

RTS PS20 Power Supply

RTS to Clearcom Interface 

Wireless Intercom Systems

ClearCom FreeSpeak II Wireless Intercom Base Station

ClearCom FreeSpeak II Wireless Intercom Beltpack & Headset

ClearCom Tempest 900 Wireless Intercom Base Station

ClearCom Tempest 900 Wireless Intercom Beltpack & Headset

Radio Active Designs UV-1G Wireless Intercom Base Station

Radio Active Designs UV-1G Wireless Intercom Beltpack & Headset

Telex BTR-800 UHF Wireless Intercom Base Station (C3 Band)

Telex BTR-800 UHF Wireless Intercom Beltpack & Headset (C3 Band)

Walkie Talkies

Motorola BC-130 6-ch Walkie Talkie

Motorola Clip-On Speaker/Mic 

Motorola Earpiece 

Motorola Headset Mic 

Motorola Surveillance Mic 

In-Ear and IFB Systems

Lectrosonics IFB Receiver w/Earpiece 

Lectrosonics IFB Transmitter 

RTS 4010 IFB Intercom Base Station w/IFB 

RTS IFB325 IFB Beltpack 

Shure PSM-900 In-Ear Monitor System

Assisted Listening Systems

Williams Sound R35-8 Assisted Listening Receiver 

Williams Sound T32 Assisted Listening Transmitter 

Telephone To Audio Interfaces

Comrex DH-30 Digital Telephone Interface 

Gentner DH-30 Digital Telephone Interface 

Gentner Hybrid Coupler Telephone Interface 

JK Audio Innkeeper PBX Hybrid Coupler 

JK Audio Innkeeper 4 4-Line Telephone Interface 

Polycom Voicestation 100 


Telos Link Intercom Telephone Interface 

Lighting Kits / Grip

Rosco LitePad Digital Shooters AX LED Kit

Rosco Vector LitePad LED Kit

On-Camera Lighting

Canon VL-10 On-Camera Light 

Litepanels MicroPro On-Camera LED Light (Battery Powered)

Conventional Lighting Fixtures

ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal with Barrel (10-50deg)

ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal with EDLT Barrel

ETC Source Four Barrel (10-50deg)

ETC Source Four EDLT barrel (36 & 50)

ETC Source Four Par (575w or 750w) 

ETC Source Four Zoom (15 to 30 degree) 

High End Systems Dataflash AF1000 Strobe

L&E BroadCYC Fixture

Par 38 Fixture

Intelligent Lighting Fixutres

High End Systems Axon Media Server

High End Systems DL2 Digital Light

High End Systems Intellaspot Moving Light

High End Sysetms ShapeShifter Moving Light

High End Systems SolaFrame 750 LED Moving Light

High End Systems SolaFrame 1500 Pro LED Moving Light

High End Systems SolaWash 19 LED Moving Light

High End Systems StudioColor 575 CMY Moving Light

High End Systems TechnoArc Moving Light

High End Systems Technospot Moving Light

Martin Mac 101 LED Moving Light

Martin Mac 700 Profile Moving Light 

Robe BMFL Moving Light

Robe BMFL Blade Moving Light

Robe Pointe Beam Moving Light

LED Lighting Fixtures and Power Supplies

Altman PHX 250W TW LED ERS Fixture (requires ETC S4 lens)

Blizzard SkyBox EXA Battery-Powered LED Fixture

Chauvet COLORado 1 LED Fixture 

Chroma-Q ColorForce 48 LED Striplight Fixture

Chroma-Q ColorForce 72 LED Striplight Fixture

Chroma-Q ColorForce Compact LED Fixture

Chroma-Q ColorForce PSU-15 Power Supply

Color Kinetics ColorBlast 12TR LED Fixture (requires power supply)

City Theatrical PDS-375TR Power Supply for ColorBlast LEDs

City Theatrical PDS-375TRX Wireless Power Supply for ColorBlast LEDs 

City Theatrical PDS-750TRX Wireless Power Supply for ColorBlast LEDs

Color Kinetics CB12/CB12TR 6-pack System (includes PDS-375TR)

Color Kinetics CB12TR 12-pack System (includes PDS-750TRX)

Color Kinetics CB12TR 24-pack System (includes two PDS-750TRX)

Doug Fleenor LED600 12-way Power Supply

Doug Fleenor LED300 6-way Power Supply

Elation SIXPAR 200IP LED Fixture

Elation Volt Q5E Battery-Powered LED Fixture

Mega Deco RGB LED Ribbon (16' sections)

Mega Deco A4 Driver (up to 4 ribbons)

Rosco Miro Cube 4C LED Fixture

Follow Spots

Lycian Midget 1206 1000w Follow Spot 

Lycian Midget HP 1209 HMI Follow Spot 

DMX Controllers

City Theatrical SHoW Baby Transciever

City Theatrical SHoW DMX Transmitter

City Theatrical SHoW DMX Reciever

City Theatrical WDS Wireless DMX Transmitter 

City Theatrical WDS Wireless DMX Receiver 

Doug Fleenor Design 123 1x3 Iso-Splitter 

Doug Fleenor Design 125 1x5 Iso-Splitter

Doug Fleenor Design 125EE 1x5 Iso-Splitter

Elation EWDMXT Wireless DMX Transmitter

Elation SDC-6 6-ch DMX Controller

ETC SmartFade 1248 DMX Controller 

ETC SmartFade ML DMX Controller 

High End Systems DP-8000 DMX Processor

High End Systems Full Boar 4 DMX Controller

High End Systems HedgeHog 4N DMX Controller

High End Systems Hog 4 DMX Controller

High End Systems Hog 4 Playback Wing

High End Systems Nano Hog 4 Programming Wing (no computer)

High End Systems Nano Hog 4 Programming Wing (w/touchscreen computer)

High End Systems Road Hog 4 DMX Controller

High End Systems Hog 3PC w/Touchscreen Programming Wing

High End Systems Road Hog 3 DMX Controller

Jands Stage CL DMX Controller

Leprecon LP-612 DMX Controller 

Leviton MC-7008 DMX Controller 


1k Dimmer Pack (Stagepin Output)

2k Dimmer Pack (Edison Output)

Electrol Anaconda Dimmer Pack (4 x 1200w) 

ETC Sensor SR1220 Dimmer Rack (12 x 2400w) 

ETC Sensor SR2420 Dimmer Rack (24 x 2400w) 

ETC Sensor-3 48ch Tour Dimmer Rack

Leprecon LD-360 6-ch Dimmer Pack (Edison only)

Leprecon ULD-360HP 6-ch Dimmer Pack (Stagepin Only)

Lighting Stands and Accessories

1.5" (Inside Diameter) Aluminum Pipe (3', 10')

1.5" (Inside Diameter) Steel Pipe (2.5', 3.5', 4', 5', 6', 8', 10', 12')

1.5" (Inside Diameter) Steel Pipe Base

20 lb. Sandbags 

3-ton Beam Clamp 

Air Wall Hanging Hardware 

Applied Electronics L-13 

Applied Electronics L-16 

Applied Electronics 12" Truss Adaptor (Pair)

Arrilite Grip Kit 

Cheeseborough (single and double-swivel available)

City Theatrical EFX Plus 2 (includes ETC Source 4 Fixture)

DHA Varispeed Gobo Rotator

Future Light Pole Cat

G. E. Light Meter 

Gobo Pattern w/Holder 

Custom Steel Gobo

Custom Black & White or 1-color Glass Gobo

Custom 2-color Glass Gobo

High End Systems FQ100 Fog/Haze Machine

High End Systems Fog Fluid for FQ100 (2Lpurchase only)

High End Systems Haze Fluid for FQ100 (2Lpurchase only)

Light Source Genie Fork Clamp Adaptor

Mafer Clamp with Stud 

Matthews C-Stand w/Gobo and Arm 

Matthews MSE Heavy Duty Light Stand 

Matthews MSE Light Stand 

Matthews MSE Light Stand Wheels 

Matthews TVMP Adapters 

Matthews Baby Triple Header

MC110 Drop Ceiling Scissor Clamps 

Mega Airwall Clamp

Mega Beam Clamp w/Extension Jaws

Mega Pipe Adaptor

Norm's S-060/S-035 Hefty Baby 2 Riser Stand 

Par Bar (6-circuit)

Photo Flex Light Disc 42" 

Rosco 1600 Fog Machine 

Fog Fluid for Rosco 1600 (1Lpurchase only) 

Rosco Gel Sheet

Rosco Gel Sheet (E-Color)

Rosco I-Pro Image Projector (for ETC Source 4)

Rosco I-Pro Pattern (Sale Item)

Rope Lights

Spring/Pony Clamps 

Ultimate TS-88BT Lighting Stand 

Ultratec Radiance Hazer

Ultratec Hazer Fluid (2Lpurchase only)

Wood Floor Base 

Truss, Motors and Rigging

12' x 14" Black Truss Teaser 

12' x 24" Black Truss Teaser

12" x 12" 5-way Corner Block (Black or Silver)

12" x 12" x 10' Truss (Black or Silver)

12" x 12" x 8' Truss (Silver)

12" x 12" x 5' Truss (Black or Silver)

12" x 12" x 2.5' Truss (Black)

12" x 12" x 2' Truss (Silver)

12" x 18" x 10' Truss (Silver)

12" x 18" x 5' Truss (Silver)

20.5" x 20.5" x 10' Truss (Silver)

20.5" x 20.5" x 8' Truss (Silver)

20.5" x 20.5" x 5' Truss (Silver)

20.5" x 20.5" x 2' Truss (Silver)

20.5" x 20.5" 5-way Corner (Silver)

36" x 36" Truss Base (Light Duty, Medium Duty, and Flat Base)

CM Lodestar Model J 1/2-Ton Motor 

CM Lodestar Model L 1-Ton Motor 

CM Prostar 1/4 Ton Motor 

ChainMaster D8 1/2-T Motor (1/4-T double-reeve)

Genie AWP-25DC Basket Lift

Genie SuperLift 25 Contractor Lift

Genie SuperTower 25 Lift

Genie Fork Truss/Pipe Adaptors

Motion Labs 8ch Motor Controller Kit 

Motion Labs 16ch Motor Controller Kit 

5' Truss Wrap (for 12" x 12" truss; white or black spandex)

10' Truss Wrap (for 12" x12" truss; white or black spandex)


Intellistage 4' x 4' Platform w/8" or 16" Supports

Intellistage 4' Step Unit (8" tall)

Intellistage 8' Skirt (16" tall)

Stageright 16" Steps 

Stageright 4' x 4' Staging w/16" to 24" Legs 

Stageright 8' x 4' Staging w/16" to 24" Legs 

Stageright 8' Skirt (16" to 24" Tall) 


LaValle Oak Desktop Lectern 

LaValle Oak Lectern 

Oklahoma Sound Plexiglass Lectern 

Sound-Craft Systems Folding Desktop Podium 

Sound-Craft Systems Folding Podium (Black, Grey, Mauve) 

Pipe and Drape

5 ft. Black Vellite (10 ft. section) 

12 ft. Black/Royal Blue Vellite (10 ft. section) 

12 ft. Gray 16oz. Velour (10 ft. section) 

16 ft. Black IFR (10 ft. section) 

16 ft. Black Vellite (10 ft. section) 

16 ft. Graphite Vellite (10 ft. section)

16 ft. Gray 16oz. Velour (10 ft. section) 

16 ft. Gray Crushed Velvet (10 ft. section) 

24'h x 9'w Black Drape IFR

Power Distribution and Generators

Furman AR-1215 AC Power Conditioner 

Furman AR-1220 AC Power Conditioner 

Galaxy Far Outlet 250 Portable AC Power Supply 

Honda EU-2000 Ultra-Quiet Generator (16 Amps) 

Honda EU-3000 Ultra-Quiet Generator (25 Amps) 

Indu-Electric 200-amp 120v/208v Power Distro (4-19p, 4-L6-30, 6-Edison)

Indu-Electric 200-amp 120v Power Distro (4-19p, 4-L21-30, 2-Edison)

Indu-Electric Cube-012 Power Distro (2-19p 208v, 2-Edison)

Indu-Electric Cube-010 Power Distro (6-19pin, 2-Edison)

Indu-Electric Cube-009 Power Distro (4-19pin, 2-Edison)

Indu-Electric Cube-004 Power Distro (6-L21-30)

Lex Products 120-volt Power Distro (2-19pin, 5-Edison)

Lex Products 208-volt Power Distro (4-L6-30, 2-Edison)

Link 100-amp 6xL21-30 Power Distro

Link 400-amp 120v/208v Power Distro (4-19p 120v, 4-19p 208v, 6-L21-30)

Link 400-amp 120v/208v Power Distro (4-19p 120v, 8-19p 208v, 6-L21-30)

Statpower PROwatt 250 DC to AC Converter 


Rental Windows Computer (various models available)

Rental Mac Computer (various models available)

Show Computer (for use with specific equipment)

Matrox TripleHead2Go DP Edition

Cue Lights and Computer Remotes

D'San PerfectCue System 

D'San PerfectCue Micro System

D'San PerfectCue Mini System

Interlink Global Presenter RF Mouse 

Interlink Pilot Pro RF Mouse 

Recoton Wireless Remote Control Extender 

A/V Support Equipment

2'x4' or 2'x5' Folding Equipment Table 

Computer Stand 

Da-Lite Flipchart w/ Stand 

Draper DR250 Easel Flipchart Stand 

Draper DR550 Flipchart Easel 

D'San AV-1000 Limitimer w/Podium Display

D'San Pro-2000 Limitimer

D'San Limitimer 4" Large Display

D'San Do-Cue 

D'San Do-Cue II 

Easel Pad Markers (Purchase) 

Easel Pads (Purchase) 

HP LaserJet Pro 400 Printer

Laser Pointer


Luxor 48" AV Cart 

Luxor Black Drape For AV Carts 


MasterCue 4 Wired/Wireless Cue System 

Rental Computer (VGA or HDMI outputs available)

Rental MacBook Air (VGA or DVI outputs available)

Scaffold (6'T x 6'W x 30"D) 

US Flag (18'x12', 15'x10')

Wisconsin Flag (8'x5')

Welt Projector Stand 

Wilson 34" or 42" Tuffy Cart 

Wilson Black Drape for AV Carts 

Wired Cue Light 

Wired Cue Light w/Tone