Studio Gear Equipment Training


Whether you purchase a simple portable microphone and speaker, custom designed audio visual equipment for a conference room or office, or a show-quality lighting and sound system, Studio Gear offers in-depth training on all the equipment we sell. 

For simple equipment purchases, such as a microphone and speaker, we will provide training in our office at the time of pick up. We will teach you how to set up, operate, and take your new equipment down. For installations, we provide on-site training and create a customized user’s manual that is specific to your installation. Of course, you can always call us if you have any questions when operating your equipment.

Studio Gear also provides training on Hog lighting consoles. This two-day session uses visualizers on PCs to allow students to run a virtual show. By the end of the second day, students will have a solid working knowledge of the console and an understanding of how to run a show. In addition, our knowledgeable technicians can create a custom class for your company or school, such as the class we taught at UW-Green Bay on automated lighting.